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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Woodi USA Carbon Fiber Pattern Plastic Uke

Woodi USA Carbon Fiber Pattern Plastic Uke up for auction on eBay.


It seems that plastic Ukes are making a comeback.

Way back in the 1950s, plastic Ukes were all the rage, thanks to Mario Maccaferri and others pumping out the little plastic bundles of joy.

Today, that tradition is being upheld by companies like Woodi USA Inc., a maker of plastic musical instruments. Their line of plastic Ukuleles is proving to be popular, partly because they are fairly well constructed and mostly because they are very inexpensive–in the $50 range for a Soprano.

Except, apparently, the Carbon Fiber Pattern 2 WU-21G2 Soprano, which is listed on eBay for a whopping $554.99 (as you can see from the screenshot above). Man, that must be some high-tech space-age plastic they used to make that Uke! That particular model is not listed in the Ukulele section of the company’s web site, so I suspect it has been discontinued, or is at least out of stock until new ones are made. But $554 for a plastic Uke? Come on. Even if it’s a limited edition, or even a one-off, what makes it worth that much?

They apparently already sold two of them. But at that price?

I suspect the price is a typo on the Woodi eBay page. Most of their Ukes are listed at $54.99. Apparently the “5” key on their keyboard sticks. They also have the Pattern WU-21F7 Uke listed at $300. Again, probably a typo. Considering the MSRP on all their UKEs is $59.99, those prices are just a bit too high to be real.

But, hey, you never know.

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