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Is it a Toy, or a Ukulele?

A multicolored Tofukulele made from Lego® Bricks.

A multicolored Tofukulele made from Lego® Bricks.


It’s both, actually.

It’s the Tofukulele. A Ukulele made entirely out of Lego® bricks. Well, not entirely out of Lego®bricks. The strings and tuners are not plastic. Well, actually, they are plastic, but just not Lego® plastic. The strings are Aquila’s and the tuning pegs are Grover friction pegs.

And the Tofukulele actually plays too. I guess you can consider it another all plastic Ukulele.

It comes in Soprano size in a number of colors–from white to multicolored. But be aware that it is fretless (without fret lines), so if you’ve never played a fretless stringed instrument, this could be a problem.

If you really must have one, Elderly Instruments is selling them for $275. Seems kind of pricey for a toy that is barely a Ukulele.

According to the Elderly web site:

Truly wonderful soprano ukulele constructed of Lego® bricks. While you will likely want to keep this out on display because of its unique nature, you will also enjoy playing it. Features include a fretless fingerboard, Grover friction pegs & Aquila strings. The design & construction are registered, with Patent Pending. One more very fine variant within the ever-expanding ukulele universe; or perhaps this one slipped over from a parallel universe. Regardless, we are pleased to offer it to you.

The only problem I see is the Patent Pending part. Since the Tofukulele is made out of Lego® bricks, an Lego® is a registered trademark, it’s going to be pretty hard to patent the Tofukulele, unless it is made out of generic plastic bricks. Then there’s the $275 price tag. I don’t think many people would want to spend that much on a toy plastic Ukulele, when you can get one like a Woodi USA, or even a Maccaferri Islander for less.

But it does make a nice wall hanger.

In case you can’t wait to hear what a Tofukulele sounds like, check out this YouTube video by the inventor.

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