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Heavy Metal Ukes from Dean Guitars

Dean Guitars ML Concert Spruce-Top Ukulele

Dean Guitars ML Concert Spruce-Top Ukulele


Dean Guitars, well known in the guitar community for its heavy metal designs, has branched out into Ukuleles. That’s right, Dean is now making Ukes.

The company currently has 9 models to choose from, 6 Concerts, a Soprano, a Concert-sized 6-String and a Concert-sized Travel Uke. They sport the usual woods: Spruce, Koa and Mahogany. But Dean also has two nice Flame Maple designs–a Trans-Green and a Trans-Amber model.

Priced at between $89 and $199, these are obviously laminates, but they sport some unique designs (particularly the two ML Concert models).

“Dean ukes will open this instrument to new customers who may not have ever played one before,” Curse Mackey, Director of Marketing for Armadillo, Dean’s parent company, told Music Trades magazine. “We’re also working with exotic woods and beautiful flame maple tops, so we’ll have a very artistic appeal as well as some uniquely shaped pieces, which is something we certainly specialize in.”

For some reason, the two ML series Ukes come with a padded gig bag, but the others don’t.

“Dean is really pushing the envelope in terms of what the average user thinks when they hear the word ‘ukulele,’” says Mackey. “We’re known for bringing energy, edge, and a rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, so you know we’ll be offering ukuleles for rockers to have some fun with.”

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