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Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop

Lnikai LQA-T Ukulele

Lanikai LQA-T Ukulele


Following on from my┬áprevious post (THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF THE MISSING STRING), when changing the strings on the Lanikai Tenor, I noticed the strings were a bit too high off the fretboard for my liking (basically the action was too high). So I decided to remove the bridge saddle and see if I had to shave a bit off the bottom. Thankfully it wasn’t glued in and came out fairly easily.

I noticed that there was a thin piece of cardboard stuck to the side of the saddle. I’m not sure if it was a shim, or if it was just acting to hold the saddle in. So I removed it. And lo and behold, the saddle fit the bridge perfectly and the action was lowered just as I like it. Problem solved.

It pays to spend some time and learn how to work with your Ukulele. Doing some simple repairs and tweaks can go a long way to making your Uke experience more enjoyable.

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