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So, Does it Hibernate in the Winter?


From the Department of the Strange and Unusual comes the Bear-u-lele/The Ukulele with a Bear Head! Made of plastic (I assume) and printed with a 3D printer, the Bear-u-lele, according to its maker, is playable.

I guess playable is debatable, but you can strum it and get a sound out of it. Check it out in action Here.

If you’re into 3D printing, you can download the files to make your very own Bear-u-lele. It’s an 8mb Zip file.

And while we’re on the subject of 3D printing, if the Bear-u-lele is not your thing, how about a Les Paul Ukulele?

You can download the files for printing the LP Uke Here. This one is a 274kb Zip file.

Somehow I don’t think the makers of plastic Ukes have anything to worry about from 3D printers just yet.

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New Plastic Ukes on the Way

Kics Ukuleles

Kics Plastic Ukuleles


Coming this Fall is a new line of plastic Ukuleles called Kics, from the people who brought you the Kanaloa Ukulele and the Diamond Head Ukulele. Their marketing tag line for the Kics Uke is “Play one just for kicks.”

According to the guys at Kanaloa:

Kics Ukuleles are a high-tech design of injection molded plastic instruments that recreate the tonal qualities of wood.

Each Kics Uke will be supplied with a gig bag and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Kanaloa are debuting their Kics line at Summer NAMM. They are expected to be available sometime in the fall. No word on pricing yet though.

Since the Kanaloa Ukes are made in Indonesia, is suspect the Kics line will be produced there as well.


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